Dr. Andreas Franz Borchert
In Ireland 2010, photo taken by Reinhard Schön

You won't find much about me here on this page. Perhaps you would find my pages at my university more helpful or those that were developed during my time at RIT.

In case you want to send me an email, take your name or some subject, add an @ symbol, and finally andreas-borchert.de. Alternatively, you can reply to an email you already received from me. All emails that are sent to my domain will hit one of my mailboxes at my site.

You are free to follow me on Twitter, or on Mastodon, to browse my library or to visit me at Wikimedia Commons.

For genealogists: In case you are able to track your ancestors to a family named Borchert in Pregelswalde, we are most likely relatives. Contacts are welcome.

The photo on the right-hand-side was taken by Reinhard Schön during our trip through Donegal in Ireland in September 2010.

Andreas Borchert, 3 August 2021